EUTM file information



July 12, 2016

Trademark Summary

The trademark WiHouse was filed by WiHouse, a corporation established under the laws of the Republic of Poland (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on August 8, 2016, and received one opposition filed on November 7, 2016 by iHaus AG on Likelihood of confusion. the opponent was represented by Hecht, Jan-David and proceedings were handled in English, and the oppositon was dismissed by the Euorpean Union Intellectual Property Office with decision issued November 7, 2016

The application was filed in Polish, and Polish was also language of all opposition proceedings (English was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 42 with following description of goods:
    1. Development of systems for the transmission of data
    2. Development of computer systems
    3. Design and development of electronic database software
    4. Design and development of data entry systems
    5. Design and development of data processing systems
    6. Design and development of data display systems
    7. IT project management
    8. Computer project management in the field of EDP
    9. On-line computer services
    10. Preparation of computer programs for data processing
    11. Research relating to technology.